Other's On-Line Resources (Chapter 14)


Within-Subjects ANOVA
  • Description:
    Although this site is non-interactive, it contains helpful text-based information (and a few pictures) that will reinforce things you've read in Chapter 16. The main topics covered in this on-line resource include (1) Definition, (2) Advantage of Within-Subject Designs, (3) The Problem of Carryover Effects, (4) Assumptions of Within-Subjects Designs, (5) ANOVA with 1 Within-Subjects Variable, and (6) ANOVA With 2 Within-Subjects Variables.

  • What to Do:
    1. Click on the colored title of this on-line resource: "Within-Subjects ANOVA."
    2. Click on the initial 6 topics listed under "Contents," and then read carefully what's said relative to each topic.
    3. Take time to examine the tables of raw data and the ANOVA summary tables.

  • Sky Huck's Puzzle Question:
    If there had been 4 different people measured under each condition (with no matching or repeated measures), what's your best guess as to the likely size of the calculated F-value?
Two-Factor Mixed ANOVA
  • Description:
    Although this on-line resource is only text-based (and not interactive), it contains a nice example of a two-factor mixed ANOVA. It contains an ANOVA summary table for the hypothetical study that's presented, plus a clear explanation of how all the df values were computed.

  • What to Do:
    1. Click on the colored title of this on-line resource: "Two-Factor Mixed ANOVA."
    2. On the screen that pops up, read the 2 paragraphs and then carefully examine the ANOVA summary table. When finished, click on the "Next" button.
    3. On page 2, read the material that's presented and then click on the "Next" button. This will provide you with the final of the 3 pages.

  • Sky Huck's Puzzle Question:
    If the data from the hypothetical experiement (discussed on page 1 of this on-line resource) had been mistakenly analyzed by means of a fully between-subjects two-way ANOVA, would any of the F-values have turned out differently than they did? If so, would it/they have been too large or too small?

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