e-Articles (Chapter 13)

Here are the titles of some full-length research articles that illustrate concepts discussed in this chapter. To view any article on-line, simply click on its title.

Effects of Economic Disadvantaged Status and Secondary Vocational Education on Adolescent Work Experience and Postsecondary Aspirations

Illustrates the use of a 2x3 analysis of variance with strength-of-effect estimates computed for all significant results. (See the final 4 paragraphs of "Results.")

College Students' Perceptions of Women's Verbal and Nonverbal Consent for Sexual Intercourse

Illustrates the use of a 2x2 analysis of variance in which both factors--consent to have sex (yes, no) and gender (male, female) were active factors. This analysis was performed twice, once of each of 2 dependent variables. Tests of simple main effects were conducted to probe the significant interaction that was found in one of the analyses. (See the second and third paragraphs of "Results.")

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