"I have admired you ever since I read your textbook . . . and it is now well worn due to the number of times I have returned to it. You have a gift for making complicated statistics (at least complicated to new students) understandable. Dr. Layne told me you have a new text out, and I can't wait to see it.."

From an unsolicited email message received April 20, 2000, from Andrea Cummings, someone I have never met, written, or talked to.

"This book really doesn't have a direct competitor per se. An especially unique feature of the book is the illustrations [i.e., the excerpts] drawn from numerous published articles. This is very helpful to all kinds of students. Lower-level students need to see (and be able to talk with each other and the instructor about) typical reports of statistics/designs, so they can figure out how to interpret real studies. Higher-level students can understand methods, but what they need to learn is how to 'write-up' the methods they've learned [these are 2 discrete skills]."

From one of the individuals who reviewed the 2nd edition for AWL prior to the 3rd edition effort being initiated.

"I found the writing style throughout quite clear and easy to read. . . . Should definitely be on a student's bookshelf of valuable references."

From a different individual who reviewed the 2nd edition for AWL prior to the 3rd edition effort being initiated.

"I recently received your EXCELLENT text, Reading Statistics and Research, and wanted to tell you how much it has affected me. This book is absolutely awesome and I cannot put into words how much it has helped me in my tenure track position."

From an unsolicited e-mail message sent to the author on 2/11/99 by a professor at Michigan State University.

"The coverage is more clear and current than any book on the market"; "The excerpts are great, the text is not threatening, and students will have little trouble reading complex concepts as a result of this new book"; "The authors focus on understanding the topics and not on computational proficiency"; "The writing clearly indicates an awareness of data analysis methods used, of methods that should be used, and of current approaches to data analysis."

Comments on the back cover of the 2nd edition from Drs. Bruce Thompson, Robert J. Wright, Patricia Busk, and Carl J. Huberty.

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