Spearman's Rho

Author unknown

Line 'em up like rows of tanks
Say yes please and say no thanks.
Just line 'em up by giving orders;
In case of ties just close the borders.

Line 'em up, rho by rho,
Heel-to-heel, toe-to-toe.
Line 'em up and give them ranks,
Next to each other -- a double phalanx.

Rank from rank to find the difference,
Sum 'em up, it's your deliverance.
Multiply and then divide,
Subtract from one then run and hide.

Watch out for the slings and a-rhos,
Order outliers off in barrows.
Dear, oh dear, oh dear, man --
You mustn't fear to use the Spear-man.

Copyright © 2012

Schuyler W. Huck
All rights reserved.

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