Descriptive Statistics: The Univarite Case

  1. Picture Techniques for Summarizing Data
    1. Frequency distributions:
      1. Simple (ungrouped) frequency distribution
      2. Grouped frequency distribution
    2. Stem-and-leaf displays
    3. Histograms and bar graphs: How they are alike and how they are different
    4. Frequency distributions in words
  2. Distributional Shape
    1. The normal distribution
    2. The concept of "skewness" (Positively skewed; Negatively skewed)
    3. The concept of "modality" (Unimodal; Bimodal; Trimodal; etc.)
    4. Rectangular (i.e, uniform) distributions
    5. The concept of "kurtosis" (Leptokurtic; Mesokurtic; Platykurtic)
  3. Measures of Central Tendency
    1. The concept of "average." (It's synonymous with "measure of central tendency")
    2. The three most popular measures of central tendency:  mode, median, mean
    3. The position of the mode, mean, and mean in skewed distributions
    4. Other measures of central tendency
  4. Measures of Variability
    1. Synonyms for variability: dispersion, spread, or heterogeneity
    2. The range, IQR, SIQR, and box-and-whisker plot
    3. The standard deviation and the variance
    4. Other measures of variability
  5. Standard Scores
    1. Focus and purpose
    2. Two popular types used in research: z-scores and T-scores
  6. Cautions
    1. Two different means of the terms "skewed" and "quartile"
    2. The proper synonym for "average"
    3. Outliers
  7. A Summary of the Abbreviations & Symbols Associated With This Chapter
    f M Mdn N n Q Q1 Q2 Q3 R s s2
    SD T Mean Symbol X z m s s2


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