e-Articles (Chapter 4)

Here are some full-length research articles that illustrate concern for reliability and validity. To view any article, simply click on its title. (NOTE: No claim is made that these articles are perfect in all respects. By carefully reviewing them, you will hone your skills at being able both to decipher and to critique statistically-based research reports.)

Scoring Objective Structured Clinical Examinations Using Video Monitors or Video Recordings

In this study, reliability was estimated via 2 procedures: percent agreement and the intraclass correlation (ICC). See the last paragraph of the "Introduction" section, sentences 3-5 in the last paragraph of the "Methods" section, and the 2nd through 4th paragraph of "Results."

Evaluation of Resident Attitudes and Self-Reported Competencies in Health Advocacy

Illustrates the use of an "expert panel" to help establish the content validity of a newly devised survey instrument.

Evidence for Validity and Reliability of a French Version of the FAAM

In this study, the researchers assessed the psychometric quality of the Foot and Ankle Ability Measure (FAAM) that had been translated from English into French. Terms included in this research report include: test-retest reliability, internal consistency, Cronbach's coefficient alpha, ICC, SEM, construct validity, convergent validity, and divergent validity.

Measurement of the Local Food Environment: A Comparison of Existing Data Sources

Illustrates the use of kappa to assess the level of agreement between two ways of measuring the presence or absence of various businesses in a neighborhood. See the 1st paragraph of the "Analytic strategy" portion of the "Materials and Methods" section, the 1st paragraph of "Results," and Table 2.

If you have seen or authored a research report that you think might help others understand reliability and validity, please contact me (shuck@utk.edu) and provide a link to what you have found or written. If I post the link on this page of my website, I promise to give you appropriate credit for first seeing/writing the item you share.

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