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Several changes in content were made as the second edition was transformed into this third edition. The most obvious and extensive of these changes involves the inclusion of a completely new chapter on regression. Entitled "Bivariate, Multiple, and Logistic Regression," Chapter 19 focuses on the three regression procedures used most frequently by applied researchers.

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In addition to the new chapter, I have made a slew of small and large changes for the purposes of increasing clarity, updating material, explaining new excerpts, emphasizing critical concepts, and improving review questions. The meaning of the word "slew" can be quantified by considering the number of typed pages of inserts that were submitted to the publisher as a part of this revision project. Disregarding the pages containing excerpts and end-of-chapter review questions, 425 pages of inserts were prepared so as to improve the quality of the 20 chapters brought forward from the second edition.

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