Best Passages

This section of the Website contains several brief passages taken varbatim from the book. They were selected by the author and identified as "Best Passages" because they deal with issues of extraordinary importance to anyone who either is reading someone else's research report or is summarizing the results of his/her own investigation.

  1. The Danger of Reading Only the Abstract
  2. Outliers
  3. Assessing Reliability and Validity
  4. The Importance of Samples and Populations
  5. The Importance of the Null Hypothesis
  6. Statistical Significance vs. Practical Significance (A)
  7. Sample Size and Power (A)
  8. Sample Size and Power (B)
  9. Don't Be Misled By "p-Statements" (A)
  10. Don't Be Misled By "p-Statements" (B)
  11. p, r, and the Coefficient of Determination
  12. Calculating the Sample Size When Testing r
  13. Scatter Diagrams and Tests of Correlations
  14. Not Rejecting Ho Doesn't Mean It's True
  15. Statistical Significance vs. Practical Significance (B)
  16. Type I and Type II Errors
  17. Inference and Proof
  18. Underlying Assumptions and One-Way ANOVAs
  19. One-Way ANOVAs and What's REALLY Important
  20. Post Hoc Tests, Samples, and Populations
  21. Your Right To Be Liberal Or Conservative
  22. Planned Comparisons in Two-Way ANOVAs
  23. Practical and Statistical Significance in Two-Way ANOVAs
  24. You Can't Make a Silk Purse Out of a Sow's Ear
  25. The Mistake of "Accepting the Null"
  26. Practical and Statistical Significance in Three-Way ANOVAs
  27. Type I and Type II Errors and Repeated-Measures ANOVAs
  28. ANCOVA's Underlying Assumptions
  29. Warning: ANCOVA Used With Intact Groups
  30. Are ANCOVA Studies Better Than ANOVA Studies?
  31. Modeling in Logistic Regression
  32. Regression Analyses and Discovery
  33. The Importance of the Research Question(s)
  34. "Distribution-Free": A Misleading Term

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